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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations

Section: 140 - Failure to pay fines

A. The failure of any person to pay the administrative fines within the time specified on the citation may result in the filing of a claim with the small claims court. Alternatively, the County may pursue any other remedy authorized by law to collect the civil fines. The County may also recover its collection costs according to proof.
B. Any fine not paid within 45 days of notice thereof shall be made a lien against the property in compliance with Government Code ยง54988.
C. No department, commission or employee of the County of Del Norte vested with the duty or authority to issue or approve permits, licenses or other entitlements shall do so when there is an outstanding violation for which a citation has been issued pursuant to this chapter involving the premises to which the pending application pertains. The authority to deny such entitlement shall apply whether the applicant was the occupant or owner of record at the time of such violation or whether the applicant is either the current occupant or owner of record or a vendor of the current owner of record pursuant to a contract of sale of the real property, with or without actual or constructive knowledge of the violation at the time he or she acquired his or her interest in such real property.
D. Upon notification by an Enforcement Official that such a violation exists, all departments, commissions, and employees shall refuse to issue permits or licenses or entitlements involving the premises except those necessary to abate such violation.
E. The refusal to issue shall be rescinded when the department, commission, or employee has been notified that all required work to abate the violation has been completed and has been approved by the affected department and any outstanding citations have been paid. The director of the affected department may waive the provisions of this section regarding refusal to issue if he or she determines such waiver to be required to allow necessary or desirable remedial, protective or preventative work.