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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations

Section: 180 - Recordation

A. When a property-based violation for which a correction period was provided remains uncorrected after the expiration of the period to appeal an administrative citation, or after a Hearing Officer's decision upholding the finding of a violation, a copy of the administrative citation may be recorded in the official records of the County of Del Norte if the following prerequisites are met:
1. A violation has remained uncorrected on the property for at least thirty (30) days after the imposition of an administrative fine becomes a final order.
2. The owner, if not the responsible party, has been notified of the prospective recordation and been offered the opportunity to correct the violation. Notice to the owner(s) shall be sent to the address listed in the County assessor's roll.
3. The recorded citation shall include the name of the property owner(s), assessor's parcel number, the parcel's legal description, and a copy of the latest citation.

B. When the Enforcement Official determines that all violations have been corrected or removed and all fines and any costs or interest have been paid, the property owner and any other responsible parties shall be issued a notice of compliance, which can be recorded.