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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations for Violations of this Code

Section: 20 - Definitions

  1. Board shall mean the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors.
  2. Code shall mean the Del Norte County Ordinance Code.
  3. Correction period shall mean the period of time designated in the notice of violation within which a responsible person may correct or abate the violation as described in subsection 1.60.040(c) below.
  4. Date of service shall mean the date upon which the notice of violation or the administrative citation (whichever is applicable), as described in subsections (b) (1), (2), or (3) of section 1.60.050 below, was issued.
  5. Department shall mean the county department which issues the administrative citation.
  6. Enforcement officer shall mean any officer or employee authorized by resolution of the board to enforce the Del Norte County Ordinance Code, or his or her designee.
  7. Responsible person shall mean any individual, owner, or occupant of real property, or owner or authorized agent of any business, company, or entity, or the parent or legal guardian of any person under the age of 18 years, who causes or maintains or allows to continue, by his or her action or failure to act, a violation of the Del Norte County Ordinance Code.


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