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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations

Section: 50 - Citation Procedures Requiring a Notice of Violation

A. If a violation of the Code pertains to building, plumbing, electrical or other similar structural or zoning issue, and in the judgment of the Enforcement Official the violation does not create an immediate danger to health or safety and does not exist as a result of, or to facilitate, the illegal cultivation of cannabis, the Enforcement Official shall serve a Notice of Violation upon one or more of the responsible persons prior to issuing an administrative citation.
B. Service shall be completed utilizing one of the methods of service identified in subsection (b) of section 1.6.70.
C. The Notice of Violation shall include:
1. The date, approximate time and location of the violation;
2. The conditions constituting the violation;
3. The specific code and section violated;
4. A statement that in the event the violation is not corrected or abated within 15 days, the responsible person shall be subject to an administrative fine under this chapter;
5. A statement of the fine that will be levied if the violation is not corrected; and
6. A statement that the responsible person may submit in writing to the Enforcement Official any information relating to a determination of the existence of a violation. The Notice of Violation shall provide a period of 15 days from its date of service to correct the violation.
D. When the Enforcement Official determines that the violation has been corrected or satisfactorily abated, the Enforcement Official shall provide the responsible person with a letter acknowledging that the correction has occurred. If the violation is corrected or satisfactorily abated within the correction period, no administrative citation shall be issued.
E. Only one Notice of Violation shall issue for a continuing violation. Second and subsequent citations may be issued and served based on the original Notice of Violation.