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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations for Violations of this Code

Section: 60 - Contents of citation

Each administrative citation shall contain the following information:

     1.  Date, approximate time, and address or definite description of the location where the violation was observed

     2.  The Code sections or provisions violated and a description of the violation

     3.  Where applicable, the date the notice of violation was served on the responsible person and the time specified thereon to correct the violation

     4.  When applicable, a statement that the violation has not been corrected within the correction period

     5.  The amount of the fine

     6.  An explanation of how and where the fine may be paid and the time period within which it must be paid

     7.  Identification of rights of appeal, including the time within which the citation may be contested and the place to obtain a notice of appeal form to contest the administrative citation and

  1. The name and signature of the enforcement officer and, if possible, the signature of the responsible person. 



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