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Title: 1 - General Provisions

Chapter: 60 - Administrative Citations

Section: 70 - Administrative Citation Issuance and Service Procedures

A. If a Notice of Violation has been served upon a responsible person and the violation has not been corrected or abated within 15 days, an administrative citation may be issued to that responsible person by an Enforcement Official.
B. An administrative citation shall be served on the responsible person in one of the following ways:
1. Personal service. The Enforcement Official may personally serve the responsible person and obtain the signature of the responsible person on the administrative citation. If personal service is affected, but the responsible person served refuses or fails to sign the administrative citation, the failure or refusal to sign shall not affect the validity of the service of the administrative citation or of any of the subsequent proceedings. The Enforcement Official shall note on the administrative citation the failure or refusal of the responsible person to sign the citation. The date of service under this subsection shall be the date of actual service.
2. Service of citation by mail. As an alternative to personal service, the Enforcement Official may serve the administrative citation by mail as hereinafter set forth. The administrative citation shall be mailed to the responsible person by first class mail.
3. Service of citation by posting notice. In addition to serving the person by first class mail, the Enforcement Official shall post the administrative citation in a conspicuous place on the real property which is the subject of the violation.