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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 05 - Grading Excavating and Filling

Section: 40 - Prohibited grading

No grading shall be done or caused to be done:

A.  That will endanger any public or private property, result in the deposit of debris on any public way or significantly affect any existing wetland, drainage or other resource conservation area unless the hazard is eliminated by con­struction of retaining structures, buttress fills, drainage devices, landscaping, vegetation buffers, or other means required as a condition of a building and grading permit or other entitlement

B.  On land subject to geologic or flood hazards to a degree that no amount of protective or corrective work can elimi­nate the hazards to the property endangered

C.  As on-site preparation preparatory to or in association with any development which requires a permit or other entitle­ment, including but not limited to coastal zone permits, tentative maps, use permits, reasoning ' s, building permits, mobile home installation permits and sewage disposal per­mits, until the permit or entitlement to which the grading relates is issued

D.  That does not comply with applicable grading standards, unless an engineered alternative is approved as a part of a valid building and grading permit.


(Ord. 83-03 (part), 1983.)