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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 05 - Grading Excavating and Filling

Section: 70 - Permit application

A.  Except as exempted in Section 14.05.050 of this code, no person shall do any grading without first obtaining a grading permit. A separate permit shall be required for each site, and may cover both excavations and fills.

B.  The provisions of Section 302(a) of the Uniform Building Code are applicable to grading, and in addition the application shall state the estimated quantities of work involved.

C.  Each application for a grading permit shall be accompanied by two sets of plans and specifications, and any required supporting data such as a soil engineering report or engineering geology report. The plans and specifications shall be prepared and signed by a civil engineer when required by the building official.

D.  Plans shall be drawn to scale upon substantial paper or cloth and shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed and show in detail that they will conform to the provisions of this code and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. The first sheet of each set of plans shall give the location of the work and the name and address of the owner and the person by whom they were prepared.

The plans shall include the following information:

1.  General vicinity of the proposed site

2.  Property limits and accurate contours of existing ground and details of terrain and area drainage

3.  Limiting dimensions, elevations or finish contours to be achieved by the grading, and proposed drainage channels and related construction

4.  Detailed plans of all surface and subsurface drainage devices, walls, cribbing, dams and other protective de­vices to be constructed with, or as a part of, the proposed work together with a map showing the drainage area and the estimated runoff of the area served by any drains

5.  Location of any buildings or structures on the property where the work is to be performed and the location of any buildings or structures on land of adjacent owners which are within fifteen feet of the property or which may be affected by the proposed grading operations. Specifications shall contain information covering construction and material requirements.

E.  The provisions of Section 303 of the Uniform Building Code regarding permit issuance shall apply for projects not subject to the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Zone. Permit issuance for projects within the California Coastal Zone shall be pursuant to Chapter 14.06 DNCC.


(Ord 83-03 (part), 1983.)