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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 06 - California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures-Building Permits

Section: 20 - County entitlements equivalent to coastal development permits

A.  Where development within the California Coastal Zone requires the issuance of a building and/or grading permit pursuant to Title 14 of the Del Norte County Code, the permit shall serve as the coastal development permit, subject to compliance with this chapter.

B.  Projects which are exempt from coastal permit requirements or have presiding entitlement (e.g., use permit, PC zone) which is of sufficient detail and acts as a valid coastal permit at the time of application, they shall be reviewed pursuant to county regulations for non-coastal projects.

C.  Where coastal permit jurisdiction lies with the California Coastal Commission, as set forth in County Code Section 21.50.040 and its maps, the regulations of this title shall apply. However, the county permit or entitlement shall not act as a coastal permit. In such cases the county permit shall be processed pursuant to county regulations for non-coastal projects.


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