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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 08 - Building Setback Lines

Section: 10 - Purposes

A.    This chapter is enacted for the purpose of establishing building setback lines on roads and other thoroughfares within the county for the following specific purposes:

1.  To provide a definite plan for the orderly improvement of roads within the county

2.  To provide for the future widening of such roads as traffic conditions may require

3.  To eliminate insofar as possible the necessity of moving or demolishing buildings or other structures when roads must be widened to accommodate traffic

4.  To assist any person to determine front building lines and prevent encroachment upon existing or proposed rights-of-way.

B.    The planning commission is designated as advisory agents with reference to this chapter.

C.    Buildings setback lines shall be as hereafter specified, and as may be specified by any other ordinances.


(Ord. 73-2 § 12 (part), 1973 Ord. 302 § 1, 1960.)