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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 12 - On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

Section: 90 - Waivers

A.  Except for mounds, waiver of site suitability criteria and evaluation methods specified in this chapter may be granted by the county health officer or by the regional water quality control board when it can be satisfactorily demonstrated that water quality and public health will not be threatened as a result of such waivers.

B.  Waivers may be granted for:

      1. Individual cases or

      2. Defined geographical areas.

C.  The county health officer may notify the regional board of the basis for each waiver. Prior to granting geographical area waivers, the county health officer shall submit technical justification to the regional board for review and con­currence.

D.  Waiver requests shall be in a written form and, if granted, conditions of issuance may be attached to the waiver. A written justification for the requested waiver must be sub­mitted with the request.


(Ord. 88-34 § 2 (part), 1988.)