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Title: 14 - Buildings and Constructions

Chapter: 30 - Small Business Preference For Public Works Projects

Section: 20 - Definitions

The following words or phrases as used in this Chapter shall have the following meanings:
A. "Contractor" means any person or entity that pursuant to a written agreement or purchase order provides labor or materials on public works projects for the County.
B. "Days" means calendar days unless otherwise specified.
C. "Microbusiness"or "MB" means a business certified by the county as an MB in accordance with this chapter.
D. "Public Works Contract" means the definition as contained in Section 1101 of the California Public Contracts Code as amended or supplanted..
E. "Small business`\' or "SB" means a business certified by the County as an SB in accordance with this chapter.
F. "Solicitation" means the County\'s process for obtaining bids or obtaining prices for purchase orders.
G. "Subcontractor(s)" means any person or company that assumes by secondary contract some or all of the obligations of the original Contractor.
(Ord. 2010-004 ยง 1 (part), 2010.)