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Title: 18 - Signs

Chapter: 18 - Prohibited Signs Under This Title

Section: 10 - Prohibited signs under this title

All signs not expressly permitted under this title or not exempt from regulation hereunder in accordance with Chapter 18.16 are prohibited in the county. Such signs include, but are not limited to:

A.  Any sign with red, green or amber lights or illuminated signs or signs which bear words such as "stop,"\' "caution," "*warning" or similar words, placed in such a position that they could reasonably be expected to interfere with, or be confused with any official traffic control device or traffic signal or official directional guide sign

B.  Any sign cut, painted, or otherwise marked on any natural feature such as a rock, hillside, or tree

C.  Beacons

D.  Strings of lights not permanently mounted to a rigid background except those exempt under Chapter 18.16

E.  Animated signs.


(Ord. 92-19 (part), 1992.)