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Title: 18 - Signs

Chapter: 20 - Design, Construction and Maintenance

Section: 10 - Design construction and maintenance

All signs shall be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with the following standards:

A.  Materials used in the construction of signs and sign structures and the construction thereof shall comply with Underwriters\' Laboratory and the latest adopted edition of the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Sign Code, Electrical Safety Order, and other applicable laws and ordinances

B.  Except for banners, flags, temporary signs, and window signs conforming in all respects with the requirements of this title. All signs shall be constructed of permanent materials and shall be permanently attached to the ground, building, or another structure by direct attachment to a rigid wall, frame or structure,

C.  All signs shall be maintained in safe structural condition of clean appearance, and in compliance with all building, fire, and electrical codes, and in conformance with this code at all times

D.  The use of any sign which is obnoxious in character or location, or which is architecturally undesirable in the judgment of the community development department and the planning commission can be subject to modification even though such sign complies with all other provisions of the title.


(Ord. 92-19 (part), 1992.)