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Title: 18 - Signs

Chapter: 24 - Permit and Sign File Procedures - General

Section: 20 - Sign riles or sign permits for existing signs new signs or for sign modification

All applications for sign permits or sign files of any kind shall be provided by and submitted to the planning division. The application for construction, creation, or installation of a new sign, or for existing signs or modifications to existing signs shall be accompanied by the following:

A.  An accurate indication on the plot plan of the location and dimensions of each present sign of any type, whether requiring a permit or not, to the extent that such details arc not shown on any previous permits or sign file issued under this title. Incidental and window signs need not be shown,

B.  Detailed drawings showing the dimensions, design, structure and location of each new sign proposed

C.  Dimensions of building frontage, location of buildings, parking lots, driveways, and landscaped areas on such zone lot, and

D.  Computation of the maximum total sign area and the number of freestanding signs allowed on the zone lot(s) included in the plan under this title (with assistance by planning staff)

E.  One application and permit or sign file may include multiple signs on the same zone lot.


(Ord. 92-19 (part), 1992.)