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Title: 18 - Signs

Chapter: 34 - Pre-Existing Signs and Pre-Existing Nonconforming Signs

Section: 30 - Existing nonconforming signsPermits and terms

A.  Excepting Sections 18.34.040 and 18.34.050, a sign that would be permitted under this title only with a sign permit, but which was in existence on October 28, 1992, and which was constructed in accordance with the ordinances and other applicable laws in effect on the date of its construction, but which by reason of its size, height, location, design, or construction is not in conformance with the requirements of this title, shall be listed in a sign file application if such application is filed in accordance with Section 18.34.020.

B.  Such sign file or permit shall allow the sign to remain in place and be maintained, provided that such sign file or permit remains valid and no action is taken which increases the degree or extent of the nonconformity, however, such signs are subject to the provisions of Sections 18.34.040 and 18.34.050.


(Ord. 92-19 (part), 1992.)