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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 04 - Administration

Section: 100 - Appeals

(a) Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Community Development Director may appeal to the Board of Supervisors. The appeal shall be filed with the Board of Supervisors within ten (10) days of the date of receipt of the Community Development Director’s decision and shall be accompanied by a written statement of the reasons why the decision should be overturned and by a fee established by the Board of Supervisors.
(b) The Board of Supervisors shall consider the appeal at the earliest possible date. Review by County Counsel may be necessary prior to the Board of Supervisors hearing the appeal. The decision of the Board of Supervisors is final and binding.
(c) If an appeal is granted, the Board of Supervisors shall make findings that the decision meets the intent of providing defensible space consistent with these regulations. Such findings shall include reasons for the decision.
(d) A written copy of the findings adopted under paragraph (c) above shall be provided to the CAL FIRE Ranger Unit headquarters that administers SRA fire protection in the County. (Ord. 2016-003)