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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 04 - Administration

Section: 40 - Local Ordinances

Nothing contained in these regulations shall be considered as rescinding the provisions of any ordinance, rule or regulation of any state or local jurisdiction providing such ordinance, rule, regulation or general plan element is equal to or more stringent than these minimum standards. The State Board of Forestry may certify local ordinances as equaling or exceeding these regulations when they provide the same practical effect. The State Board of Forestry’s certification of local ordinances pursuant to this section is rendered invalid when previously certified ordinances are subsequently amended by local jurisdictions without State Board of Forestry re-certification of the amended ordinances. The State Board of Forestry’s regulations supersede the amended local ordinance(s) when the amended local ordinance(s) are not re-certified by the State Board of Forestry. Amendments made by local jurisdictions to previously certified ordinances shall be re-certified as described in 14 CCR §§ 1270.01 and 1270.03. (Ord. 2016-003)