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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 08 - Emergency Access and Egress

Section: 100 - Driveways

(a)     All driveways shall be constructed to provide a minimum of one (1) ten (10) foot traffic lane and fourteen (14) feet unobstructed horizontal clearance and unobstructed vertical clearance of fifteen (15) feet.
(b)     Driveways exceeding 150 feet in length, but less than 800 feet in length, shall provide a turnout near the midpoint of the driveway. Where the driveway exceeds 800 feet, turnouts shall be provided no more than 400 feet apart.
(c)     A turnaround shall be provided to all building sites on driveways over 300 feet in length, and shall be within fifty (50) feet of the building. (Ord. 2016-003)