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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 08 - Emergency Access and Egress

Section: 110 - Gated Entrances

(a)     Gate entrances shall be at least two (2) feet wider than the width of the traffic lane(s) serving that gate and a minimum width of fourteen (14) feet unobstructed horizontal clearance and unobstructed vertical clearance of fifteen (15) feet.
(b)     All gates providing access from a road to a driveway shall be located at least thirty (30) feet from the roadway and shall open to allow a vehicle to stop without obstructing traffic on that road.
(c)     Security gates shall not be installed without approval and where security gates are installed, they shall have an approved means of emergency operation. Approval shall be by the local authority having jurisdiction. The security gates and the emergency operation shall be maintained operational at all times.
(d)     Where a one-way road with a single traffic lane provides access to a gated entrance, a forty (40) foot turning radius shall be used.
(e)     A deeded easement/right-of-way and turnaround shall be installed thirty (30) feet before a gate crossing a roadway. (Ord. 2016-003)