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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 16 - Emergency Water Standards

Section: 40 - Hydrant/Fire Valve

(a)     The hydrant or fire valve shall be eighteen (18) inches above grade, eight (8) feet from flammable vegetation, no closer than four (4) feet nor farther than twelve (12) feet from a roadway, and in a location were fire apparatus using it will not block the roadway.
     The hydrant serving any building shall:
          (1) be not less than fifty (50) feet nor more than 1/2 mile by road from the building it is to serve, and
          (2) be located at a turnout or turnaround, along the driveway to that building or along the road that intersects with that driveway.
(b)     The hydrant head shall be 2 1/2 inch National Hose male thread with cap for pressure and gravity flow systems and 4 1/2 inch draft systems. Such hydrants shall be wet or dry barrel as required by the delivery system. They shall have suitable crash protection as required by the local jurisdiction.
(c)     Fire hydrants may be located on local roadways in such a manner that their use would impede the flow of traffic. A turnout or turnaround would not be required. (Ord. 2016-003)