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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 20 - Fuel Modification Standards

Section: 20 - Setback for Structure Defensible Space

(a) All parcels larger than one (1) acre shall provide a minimum 30 foot setback for buildings and accessory buildings from all property lines and/or the center of the road.
(b) On parcels one (1) acre or smaller, all buildings shall have a setback from any property line or centerline of any road not less than the minimum specified in Title 20 Zoning and Title 21 Coastal Zoning and the Del Norte County Code.

     1. Where a setback listed in Title 20 Zoning and Title 21 Coastal Zoning of Del Norte County Code is more stringent, the more stringent requirements shall apply as if part of this Code.
     2. Distance to property line shall be measured at a right angle from the property line.
     3. Openings shall comply with the requirements of the California Building Code. (Ord. 2016-003)