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Title: 19 - Fire Safe Regulations

Chapter: 24 - Other Fire Protection Measures

Section: 20 - Alternate Fire Protection Measures

When authorized, pursuant to 19.040.080 Exceptions to Standards, any of the following alternate fire protection measures may be used as exceptions to the standards specified in this Chapter or as mitigated practices where the exception or mitigated practice provides the same overall practical effect as the specified standards:
(a)     Increased emergency water supply requirements;
(b)     Increased flammable vegetation clearance areas for buildings;
(c)     Increased flammable vegetation clearance areas for roads and driveways;
(d)     Use of fire resistive vegetation;
(e)     Construction of additional turnouts and turnarounds;
(f)     Creation of areas of safe refuge;
(g)     Provision of a secondary means of ingress and egress to the parcel.