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Title: 2 - Administration and Personnel

Chapter: 10 - County Administrative Officer

Section: 30 - Duties

Subject to the control and direction of the board of supervisors,

the county administrative officer shall perform the following duties:

A.  Assist in development and implementation of county administra­tive actions

B.  Coordinate county budget and budget-related procedures and recommend revisions to county budget development procedures

C.  Review and revise county's policy and procedure manual

D.  Assure proper and timely implementation of board of supervisors' actions and orders

E.  Research and prepare various resolutions, reports and correspon­dence related to board of supervisors activities and operations

F.  Assist in coordination of county interdepartmental activities and operations

G. Can represent board of supervisors at various meetings, confer­ences, hearings and seminars, if board of supervisors members are not available

H.  Prepare recommendations to the board of supervisors regarding changes in county policies and procedures

I. Act as an information source to the general public regarding various county policies and procedures as directed by the chair­man of the board of supervisors

J.  Coordinate, direct and administer personnel-related activities and operations of the county

K.  Administer the county's central personnel management program in accordance with the current employee handbook

L.  Recommend, develop, and implement county's personnel poli­cies

M. Review and approve personnel-related actions regarding county and grant employees

N.  Assure appropriateness of selection procedures utilized by the county

0.  Direct implementation of the county's affirmative action pro­gram

P.  Negotiate and develop agreements and contracts with county labor groups and other organizations as directed by the board of supervisors

Q.  Review personnel-related grievances and assist in development of effective resolutions

R.  Recommend and develop updating of county employee hand­book

S.  Supervise and administer departmental budget, including authori­zation of departmental expenditures

T.  Supervise and act as appointing authority for personnel within the board of supervisors' office

U.  Act as temporary project director or department head, etc., as directed by the board of supervisors in emergency situations or when the board feels that such action is in the best interests of the county

V.  Perform related duties as required by the board of supervisors or individual supervisors

W.  Attend all regular and special board of supervisors meetings

X.  Acts as office manager for the board of supervisors office.



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