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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 00 - Residential Second Units

Section: 30 - Second singlefamily unit

A second single-family unit may be a permitted use subject to the issuance of a building permit, subject to all of the following:

A.    The subject parcel is within an R, RR, FR, CR, A or AE zone district.

B.    The second unit is consistent with the allowable density of the applicable General Plan designation and Zoning designation. That is the subject parcel consists of a minimum of twice the minimum parcel size required by the general plan and zoning.

C.    The second unit must be situated on the subject parcel so that the parcel could be subdivided, under standards applicable at the time of application, without resulting in two dwellings on one parcel.

D.    The second unit shall comply with height, setback, lot coverage, architectural standards, site plan review, fees, charges and other zoning requirements generally applicable to residential placement in the zone in which the property is located at the time for application of the building permit. 

E.    Each dwelling shall be provided with separate utility connections. A shared well maybe approved by the health department.


(Ord. 2003-009 § 2, 2003 Ord. 95-03 (part), 1995.)