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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 04 - Definitions

Section: 360 - Home occupation

"Home occupation" means an individually provided service, or an individual office or studio use conducted within a dwelling by the inhabitants thereof, which use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the property for dwelling purposes and dose not change the character thereof and which use:

  1. Is confined within the swelling and occupies not more than twenty-five percent of the floor space thereof, or is confined to a garden or orchard where unprocessed food or flora is grown on site;
  2. Involves no on-site sales of merchandise other than that produced on the premises, or merchandise directly related to, and incidental to, the services offered;
  3. Is carried on by the members of the family occupying the dwelling with no other person employed;
  4. Does not entail the conversion of a room into a salesroom or group meeting room;
  5. Produces no evidence of its existence beyond the dwellings (except one unlighted sign of not more than one square foot) such as noise, smoke, odors, vibration, lighting, exterior storage yards, excessive or intrusive electronics or communications devices, etc.;
  6. Dose not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic (including delivery vehicles) beyond that normal in the neighborhood in which located and provides off-street parking adequate for clients in addition to that required for the residence;
  7. Includes no outside storage of materials, products, equipment or business vehicles, other than the personal transport vehicles(s) of the resident business owner(s);
  8. Clinics, medical laboratories, hospitals, residential care facilities, antique shops, guest lodging, food or liquor service establishments such as bakeries, restaurants or bars, food processing, beauty or similar personal service shops (exceeding more than one operator), animal hospitals or kennels, raising or sales of animals and/or animal products, contractors yards, retail merchandise warehousing or sales, on-going yard or crafts sales, and commercial wood-working or repair shops, shall not be deemed to be home occupations. (Ord. 99.-002 (part), 1999: Ord. 82-09 § 2 Exh. A(6), 1982; Ord. 67-10 § 2.0100(35), 1967.)