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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 10 - Regulations for "AE" Agriculture Exclusive Districts

Section: 10 - IntentApplicability

Because prime agricultural land is not a readily renewable resource, this district classification is intended to provide for the protection of. agticultural land and uses against encroachment\' by other uses which may be in conflict therewith. The provisions of this section, therefore, shall be liberally interpreted to apply to agricultural pursuits and related services, to the end that no other use shall be permitted, and no regulation shall be deemed or construed to interfere with any, normal accessory use conducted in conjunction therewith. It is the intention of this section to prevent the subdividing of prime agricultural lands into lot sizes which might threaten the use of such lands for agriculture, and changes of zone fr0111 AE to another classification are to be made only where such uses are in accord with the general plan.\' The following regulations, shall apply in all AE districts, subject to the provisions of Chapters 20.46 to 20.58 of this code. 


(Ord. 74-12 3 (part), 1974.)