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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 10 - Regulations for "AE" Agriculture Exclusive Districts

Section: 100 - Special requirements

  1. Where airports, commercial excavation for rock or gravel, or oil or gas extraction requires the removal of or the paving or surfacing over of topsoil, such topsoil shall be removed form all affected areas and stored or used for cultivation elsewhere.

  2. At the termination of any use covered under Subsection 20.10.100(a), the property owner shall, within six months of such termination, restore topsoil and vegetation to substantially the same conditions as existed prior to the terminated use. In the event the owner or lessee fails to complete the rehabilitation of the propety as herein provided, the director of public works shall restore the property to the conditions required herein. The unrestored condition shall be considered a nuisance, and the rehabilitation of the property shall be considered abatement of said nuisance. All costs incurred by the county in the rehabilitation of the property shall be recoverable form the owner as provided in Chapter 7.08 of the Del Norte County Code.

  3. All trailers occupied continuously for a period of more than ninety days shall have a protective skirt of screening to prevent access under the trailer.


 (Ord. 74-12 § 3 (part), 1974.)