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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 10 - Regulations for "AE" Agriculture Exclusive Districts

Section: 20 - Uses permitted

Uses permitted include the following:

A.    A one-family residence. A manufactured home may be placed
        in lieu of a conventional residential unit;

B.    Home occupations;

C.    One guest cottage for the use of friends, relatives and bona fide
        visitors, in conjunction with a single family residence;

D.    Nurseries and greenhouses;

E.    Accessory buildings and accessory uses including barns, stables
       and other farm buildings;

F.    All agricultural uses, including crop and tree farming, livestock
       farming and animal husbandry and dairies;

G.    Home enterprises which are agricultural in nature as outlined
       in subsections D and F of this section;

H.   Guest lodging. 


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