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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 21B - B HDC Harbor Dependent Commercial/Industrial District

Section: 20 - B The principal permitted use

The principal permitted harbor dependent commercial/ industrial use includes uses such as:
  1. Commercial boat basins, commercial berthing floats, barge, boat and ship loading and unloading facilities including pipelines, boat and ship building and repair facilities for nontrailerable boats and breakwater devices and piers:

  2. Processing and packaging plants for fish and/or marine products, processing plants for waste products from fish and/or marine products processing plants, aquaculture and auxiliary facilities, net repair and gear repair areas not requiring an anchored area and the storage of commercial fishing gear on vacant parcels

  3. Marine products purchasing and storage facilities, marine electronic repair and sales, ice production and sales facilities, import and export facilities requiring a waterfront location, marine service facilities, and commercial fisheries supply stores

  4. Maintenance dredging and dredge spoils disposal at approved disposal sites

  5. Harbor district offices, Coast Guard docks and quarters

  6. Nonflashing signs appurtenant to any permitted use not exceeding forty square feet in aggregate area

  7. Parking areas. (Ord. 84-02 ยง 2 (part), 1984.)