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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 31 - Regulations for \"MP\" Manufacturing and Industrial Performance

Section: 10 - Uses permitted

Uses permitted with a use permit shall be as follows:
  1. Airports

  2. Commercial excavation of rock, gravel and stone or earth materials, including mining

  3. Distillation of bones

  4. Drilling for, extraction of and/or refining of oil, gas a id/or petroleum and its products

  5. Dumping, disposal, incineration or reduction of garbage, sewage, sewage effluent, sewage sludge, offal, dead animals or refuse

  6. Fat rendering

  7. Junkyards, wrecking yards, contractor\'s yards, lumber yards and storage yards.

  8. Fish and meat processing

  9. Manufacturing of acid, beverages, chemicals, cement, explosives, fireworks, fertilizer, fuels, gas, glue, gypsum, flammable fluids or gases, ordnance, jet or rocket propulsion units

  10. Professional offices

  11. Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics and enclosed kennels

  12. Sawmills and planing mills

  13. Smelting or reduction of aluminum, copper, iron, tin, zinc or other ores

  14. Stockyards and slaughter houses

  15. Tanneries

  16. Pulp mills and paper mills

  17. Other uses which, in the opinion of the planning commission, would be appropriate and compatible subject to such conditions as the commission may deem necessary to impose in the discretionary issuance of a use permit.


(Ord. 74-12 3 (part), 1974.)