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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 39 - NH Natural Hazard Area District

Section: 30 - Uses permitted with a use permit

A. The county may consider issuance of a use permit which includes one or more of the below-listed items, including uses which are compatible with adjacent zoning and land use plan designations, in the natural hazard area subject to finding all of these determinations of fact:

     1.  The environmental hazard(s) have been mitigated to a point where no significant risk to life and property exists and

     2.  Adjacent, upstream and downstream, private and public lands have been reasonably protected from direct and indirect impacts resulting from the alteration of the natural hazard area and

     3.  Each of the objectives identified in the intent section of this chapter has been adequately addressed.

B. Uses permitted with a use permit shall be as follows:

     1.  The deposit or removal of any natural or man-made material within the natural hazard area zoning district except as outlined in Section 20.39.020 above

     2.  The alteration or disturbance of any embankment, land-form or watercourse within the natural hazard area zoning district

     3.  The construction or alteration of any structure within, upon or across the natural hazard area zoning district.


(Ord. 87-20 Exh. A (part), 1987.)