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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 43 - TPZ - Timberland Preserve Zone

Section: 50 - Requirements

An applicant who petitions the county to zone his land as timberland preserve shall submit the appropriate information to meet the following requirements:
A. A map shall be prepared showing the legal description of the assessors parcel number of the property desired to be zoned.
B. A plan for forest management must be prepared or approved as to content for the property by a registered professional forester. Such plan shall provide for the eventual harvest of timber within a reasonable period of time as determined by the preparer of the plan.
C. The parcel shall currently meet the timber-stocking standards as set forth in Section 4561 of the Public Resources Code and the Forest Practice Rules adopted by the State Board of Forestry for the district in which the parcel is located, or the owner must sign an agreement with the board or council to meet such stocking standards and Forest Practice Rules by the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of such agreement. If the parcel is subsequently zoned as timberland preserve under subdivision (a), failure to meet such stocking standards and Forest Practice Rules within this time period provides the board or council with a ground for rezoning of the parcel pursuant to Section 51121.
D. The land to be included in timberland preserve shall be Timber Site IV or better.