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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 45 - D District - Combining

Section: 30 - Restrictions

  • The D combining district may only be utilized on subdivision projects when because of terrain, site characteristics or overall project design, varying lot sizes or cluster development with mitigating open areas are more desirable than standard, uniform lot sizes.
  • The overall project density shall not exceed the general plan density requirement for the project site.
  • The building site area required for each lot shall be shown on the final subdivision map. No further land divisions shall be permitted unless a rezone is granted and the land division is consistent with the general plan or adopted specific plan density requirement for the total original project site.
  • A resolution of intention to rezone to the D combining district may be adopted at the time of approval of the tentative map, however, the rezone shall not be in effect until the final subdivision or parcels map has been recorded with the county clerk.
  • (Ord. 82-09 ยง 2 Exh. A(8) (part), 1982: Ord. 79-036 (part), 1979.)