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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 52 - Amendments

Section: 30 - ApplicationFee

An application for an amendment pursuant to Section 20.52.020A., shall be accompanied by a filing fee as prescribed in the current fee schedule resolution of the board of supervisors and shall also be accompanied by the following data necessary to demonstrate that the proposed amendment is in general conformance with the general plan and that the public necessity,convenience,and general welfare, require the adoption of the proposed amendment:
A. An accurate legal description and map showing:
   1.  Properties within the proposed or amended zoning district,
   2.  Boundary of the district,
   3.  Roads, rights-of-way or other data deemed pertinent by the planning commission;
B. This map shall be drawn on a sheet or sheets eighteen inches by twenty-six inches with a one inch border, and shall be drawn on tracing paper or similar material, to a scale of one inch equal four hundred feet.
(Ord. 67-10 § 5.0302, 1967.)(Ord. 2009-003 § 5 (part),2009).