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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 58 - Appeals

Section: 10 - Filing of notice

Any person aggrieved by an action of the planning commission may take an appeal to the board of supervisors by filing a notice of appeal with the clerk of the board of supervisors and with the planning commission within ten days of the action of the planning commission. An appeal of an action of the planning commission must express all bases for appeal with sufficient information and documents supporting all grounds of appeal reasonably available thereto. No additional grounds, information, or documents reasonably known or available at the time an appeal is filed will be accepted or considered by the board of supervisors after the expiration of ten days from the challenged action. The appeals process of this section is the exclusive, full and complete remedy available to a person aggrieved by an action of the planning commission. Failure to follow this appellate procedure will foreclose any aggrieved person the opportunity to file a legal challenge to the planning commission action complained of. Upon receipt of the planning commission records, the board of supervisors shall notify the planning commission, at least five days previous, of the time the board will consider the appeal.


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