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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 64 - Airport

Section: 20 - Purpose

Pursuant to the authority conferred by the Conservation and Planning Act of the state of California and in conformity with Sections 21402 and 21403 of the Public Utilities Code and standards of the Federal Aviation Agency of the United States, the board of supervisors of the county of Del Norte, state of California, deems it necessary to create an "airport zoning ordinance" for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the county of Del Norte by preventing the creation or establishment of airport hazards, thereby protecting the lives and property of the users of the county airport and of occupants of the land in its vicinity and preventing destruction and impairment of the utility of the airport and public investment therein. This ordinance regulates and restricts the height of structures and objects of natural growth and otherwise regulates the use of property in the vicinity of:

        Jack McNamara Field, Crescent City

        Andy McBeth Airport, Klamath Glen and

        Ward Field, Gasquet.



(Ord. 80-14 (part), 1980.)