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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 65 - Density Bonus Law

Section: 50 - Application requirements

  1. Any applicant requesting a density bonus, incentive(s) and/or waiver(s) pursuant to the state density bonus law shall provide the county with a written proposal. The proposal shall be submitted prior to or concurrently with filing the building permit application or planning permit application (whichever is required first) for the housing development and shall be processed in conjunction with the underlying application.
  2. The proposal for a density bonus, incentive(s) and/or waiver(s) pursuant to the state density bonus law shall include the following information:
    1. Requested Density Bonus. The specific requested density bonus proposal shall provide evidence that the project meets the thresholds for state density bonus law. The proposal shall also include calculations showing the maximum base density, the number/percentage of affordable units and identification of the income level at which such units will be restricted, additional market rate units resulting from the density bonus allowable under state density bonus law and the resulting unit per acre density. The density bonus units shall not be included in determining the percentage of base units that qualify a project for a density bonus pursuant to state density bonus law.
    2. Requested incentive(s). The request for particular incentive(s) shall include a pro forma or other report evidencing that the requested incentive(s) results in identifiable, financially sufficient and actual cost reductions that are necessary to make the housing units economically feasible. The report shall be sufficiently detailed to allow the county to verify its conclusions.
    3. Requested Waiver(s). The written proposal shall include an explanation of the waiver(s) of development standards requested and why they are necessary to make the construction of the project physically possible. Any requested waiver(s) shall not exceed the limitations provided by Section 20.65.080 and to the extent such limitations are exceeded will be considered as a request for an incentive.
  3. At their sole discretion the Board of Supervisors may approve a density bonus and/or incentive(s) in accordance with state density bonus law for a project that does not maximize the underlying base zoning density. Additionally, nothing herein prevents the county from granting a greater density bonus and additional incentives or waivers than that provided for herein, or from providing a lesser density bonus and fewer incentives and waivers than that provided for herein when the housing development does not meet the minimum thresholds (see application procedures).
(Ord. 2014-001 ยง 2, 2014.)