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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 50C - California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Use Permits

Section: 30 - Application review

A.  Content. Application for a use permit shall be made to the county planning office on a form provided by the office and shall be accompanied by:

         1.  Verification of the applicant\'s interest in the property such as a copy of the grant deed, signed or certified escrow instructions, title report or owner\'s letter of authorization

         2.  An assessor\'s office plat map

         3.  A plot plan of sufficient detail to illustrate the request and to determine compliance with other county regulations (yards, setbacks, grading, General Plan compliance, etc.)

         4.  Any building plans, elevations or supplemental data as may be requested to adequately illustrate the proposal and/or its impacts

         5.  A filing fee, as prescribed in the current fee schedule resolution of the board of supervisors.

     B.  Environmental Review Committee (See Title 16 of the Del Norte County Code). The environmental review committee shall review an application at its next regular meeting after submission of the application packet to the department of planning and building. Review shall include:

         1.  A determination of completeness of the application and, where necessary, notification of any additional information required

         2.  A recommendation for action on an environmental document pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

     C.  Planning Staff Report. Project applications shall be reviewed by the environmental review committee, scheduled for planning commission/harbor commission hearing and shall be accompanied by a report from the staff of the department of planning and building. The report shall include a description of the project, its location, and applicable regulations and/or policies, any responses to comments submitted regarding the project and a recommendation for findings and/ or conditions, if any, including consistency with the zoning and/or General Plan.


(Ord. 83-03(part))