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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 12 - Ambulance Services

Section: 30 - PermitApplication

Any person desiring to obtain the permit required by Section 5.12.020 shall pay a nonrefundable application fee of twenty-five dollars to the county clerk and shall make application for the permit to the board. The application shall be signed by the applicant and shall set forth:

A.  The name, business and address of the applicant

B.  The name and address of the owner of the ambulance business

C.  The number and type, age, conditions and patient capacity of each ambulance proposed to be operated by the applicant, stating the make and year of manufacture

D.  The fact that such ambulances comply with Vehicle Code Sections 2416, 2418, 21714 and Title 13 of the California Administrative Code, as well as all other state laws and orders applicable to the licensing and operating of emergency vehicles

E.  The color scheme, insignia, name, monogram or other distinguishing characteristics to be used to designate the private ambulance or private ambulances of the applicant

F.  The Location and description of the place or places from which it is intended to operate and the vehicles are to be stored

G.  The schedule of rates proposed to be charged for ambulance service

H.  The experience of the applicant in the transportation of wounded, injured and sick persons

I.  The fact that all operators of ambulance or ambulances shall hold ambulance driver\'s certificates issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state

J.  Any facts, which the applicant believes, tend to prove that public convenience and necessity require the granting of a permit and such other information as the board may require

K.  Upon the filing of an application for an owner\'s permit, the county clerk shall direct the sheriff to cause an investigation to be made and file a report within thirty days from the date of filing of the application. The sheriff shall require the applicant or any person named in the application to be fingerprinted and photographed.


(Ord. 73-12 § 3, 1973.)