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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 12 - Ambulance Services

Section: 70 - PermitIssuance

Upon completing its investigation and hearing, the board shall grant the applicant a permit if it finds:

A.  That the color scheme, insignia, name, monogram or other distinguishing characteristics proposed to be used upon such ambulance or ambulances is not in conflict with and does not imitate any color schemes, insignia, name, monogram or other distinguishing characteristics used by any other person, in such manner as to mislead or tend to mislead, deceive or defraud the public

B.  That further ambulance service in the county is required by the public convenience and necessity and that the applicant is fit, willing and able to perform ambulance service and to conform to the provisions of this chapter and the board may promulgate such rules and regulations as. In making such finding the board shall take into consideration the number of ambulances already in operation, whether existing ambulance service is adequate to meet the public need, the probable effect of increased ambulance service on local traffic conditions, and the character, experience and responsibility of the applicant.


(Ord. 73-12 § 7, 1973.)