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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 04 - Milk and Milk Products

Section: 70 - Inspection feesMilk distribution

All distributors who purchase market milk from producers or other sources to be sold as graded market milk in the county, shall pay a fee to be set by resolution of the county board of supervisors for each gallon of market milk received and a fee for inspection of each producing Grade A Dairy. The fee shall be payable on or before the twentieth day of each calendar month covering the amount of market milk received or produced during the month preceding.

The fees shall be paid by the distributor to the county health officer, together with an appropriate report, giving the name of each producer or other source from which milk was received during the month preceding, together with the amount thereof, which report shall be on a form provided by the county health officer. All daily records of weights or gallons relative to milk received or distributed shall be kept available for a period of time of not less than three months. (Ord. 73-31 (part), 1973.)