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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 04 - Milk and Milk Products

Section: 80 - Bangs disease

All raw market milk or cream which may legally be sold or distributed under the provisions of this chapter shall be produced from animals free from Bang\'s disease (Brucellosis) as determined by tests applied by an approved veterinarian. Any serological examinations necessary in connection with these tests shall be made in a laboratory approved by the county health officer. All producing animals shall be tested just prior to the first sale or distribution of such raw market milk or cream, and annually thereafter. All animals found to be free from the disease shall be properly identified by means of a certificate signed and issued by the veterinarian, in duplicate, one copy of which shall be given to the owner, and the other filed with the county health officer.

All reacting animals shall be immediately removed from the premises where raw market milk or cream is produced, sold or distributed.


(Ord. 73-31 (part), 1973.)