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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 08 - Nuisances

Section: 840 - Decision of the Hearing Officer

A. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Officer shall issue a decision affirming, reversing, or modifying the determinations contained in the Notice of Nuisance. The Hearing Officer shall issue the determination in a form which shall include findings related to the existence or nonexistence of the alleged nuisance, as well as findings concerning the propriety and means of abatement of the conditions set forth in the notice.
B. If the Hearing Officer confirms the existence of a nuisance, the Hearing Officer shall order the owner to abate the nuisance within a reasonable period of time. The order shall provide that, in the event such abatement is not commenced, prosecuted or completed within the terms set by the Hearing Officer, the Enforcement Official shall be empowered and authorized to abate the nuisance.
C. The decision shall be mailed to or personally served on the parties within 10 days. The decision of the Hearing Officer shall be final and conclusive.