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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 28 - Abandoned and Inoperative Vehicles

Section: 183 - Vehicle disposalNo public hearing requested

When a notice of intention is required to be mailed, but no request for hearing is received within ten days after mailing of the notice of intention to abate and remove, the county shall have the authority to abate, remove and dispose of the vehicle, or parts thereof, as a public nuisance without holding a public hearing.

The vehicle may be disposed of by removal to a scrap yard or automobile dismantler\'s yard. In such event, both the owner of the land and the last registered owner are responsible for the costs of removal and the administrative costs described in Section 7.28.160. The vehicle abatement officer shall file an abatement lien and special assessment, which has been, approved by the board of supervisors with the county recorder against the property upon which the vehicle is located in compliance with Section 7.28.240. The vehicle abatement officer shall further notify the county officer assigned the duties of collecting debts owed to the county to recover the costs of removal and the administrative costs described in Section 7.28.160 from the registered owner of the vehicle.

After a vehicle has been removed, it shall not thereafter be reconstructed or made operable unless it is a vehicle which qualifies for either horseless carriage license plates or historical vehicle license plates pursuant to Section 5004 of the California Vehicle Code, in which case the vehicle may be reconstructed or made operable.


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