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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 32 - Regulations of Wells and Preservation of Groundwater

Section: 70 - Standards established

Standards for the construction, repair, reconstruction, abandonment and destruction of wells in Del Norte County are set forth in the most current edition of Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 74, "Water Well Standards," and are adopted herein by reference, with the following modifications:

A. The minimum well depth shall be forty feet except in those areas where the only available groundwater is at a depth less than forty feet. In such case wells may be permitted at a depth sufficient to develop and adequate water supply.

B. Any well encountering water with a saline taste and where the specific electrical conductance exceeds one thousand five hundred micromohes per centimeter shall. be sealed by grouting to a level where a four-hour pumping test will produce water of acceptable quality.

C. Any well that is abandoned and contains water with a specific electrical conductance in excess of one thousand five hundred micromohes per centimeter shall be sealed in such a manner that no water shall escape from the formation bearing saline water.

D. An outer casing or conductor casing is not an acceptable substitute for a seal. Temporary casing shall be removed before the well is deemed to be completed unless incorporation of the conductor casing in the sealing material is approved by the health officer or his designee prior to the sealing of the well.

E. When a well is destroyed in a residential area, in addition to other well destruction requirements, a hole shall be excavated around the well casing to a depth of at least eleven feet below the ground surface and the well casing removed to within six inches of the bottom of the excavation.


 (Ord. 94-13 § 1 (part), 1994.)