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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 40 - Tansy Control

Section: 20 - Purpose

The purpose of this chapter is to:

A.    Curtail the spread of tansy, an introduced noxious weed, from an infested property to non-infested property or property where the owner is actively controlling tansy

B.    Confine and consolidate the tansy infestations to areas one hundred fifty feet inward from the property owner\'s fence line or boundary

C.    Promote and encourage the control of tansy on all public and private property

D.    Prevent the spread of tansy from properties with a "scattered" or "light" infestation and inhibit the development of these infestations into "medium" or "heavy" infestations

E.    Provide a reasonable and feasible control program within the financial ability of both public and private landowners to establish, maintain and operate, while at the same time imposing the minimum mandatory obligations on the owners of property infested with tansy

F.    To protect and enhance scenic and real property values of the county by curtailing the spread of tansy ragwort, an introduced noxious weed

G.    To protect and promote the agricultural cropland area of the county and the livestock industry of the county which is adversely affected by tansy ragwort through competition for pasturage and poisoning of cattle and horses

H.    To promote and protect the air quality by control of tansy ragwort which causes problems among persons suffering asthma and hay fever.


 (Ord. 80-09 (part), 1980: Ord. 77-48 § 2, 1977.)