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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 40 - Tansy Control

Section: 50 - Spread of tansy deemed infraction

A.    It is an infraction:

1.  For any person to permit tansy to flower within one hundred fifty feet of another person\'s property who:

a. Is controlling tansy on his property, or

b. Is free of tansy

2.  To sell or transport hay containing tansy that has reached the flowering stage from the property where produced except under permit from the agricultural commissioner setting forth safeguards to be taken to prevent the dissemination and spread of tansy to non-infested property

3.  To transport flowering or mature tansy plants rouged or otherwise removed, in whole or part, from a field to property of another ownership or along any public road unless the load is protected in such a manner as to exclude the possible spread of seed

4. To deposit flowering or mature tansy plants or plant parts on top of the soil within one hundred fifty feet of a neighbor\'s property

5.  To fail to collect and remove mowed tansy plants from areas within one hundred fifty feet of a neighbor\'s property if mowed after the plants have begun to flower

6.  For any person or owner to fail to eradicate scattered flowering tansy plants on his property within ten days after service of a written notice to eradicate by enforcement officers.

B.    Each neighbor affected constitutes a separate offense.


(Ord. 80-09 (part), 1980: Ord. 77-48 § 5, 1977.)