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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 40 - Tansy Control

Section: 60 - EnforcementProcedures and authorized officers

A.    Enforcement of this chapter shall be by citation or notice to appear if the owner or person served has not completed and maintained action to eradicate the tansy plants within ten days after service of a written notice to eradicate by enforcement officers.

B.    Service of the citation or notice to appear may be made by:

      1. Personal service on the owner or

      2. By certified mail to his address of record.

C.    Enforcement officers are required to give only one written notice to eradicate in any calendar year for any specified property, field or pasture.

 D.    Enforcement of this chapter shall be by the county agricultural commissioner, his deputies, agricultural biologists, and/or agents.

 E.    The agricultural commissioner shall take steps to eliminate scattered tansy plants from lands within Del Norte County and may:

        1.    Utilize any available manpower and equipment within his department to accomplish this objective

        2.    Annually map the tansy infestations for the purpose of control operations and records that will illustrate progress or lack of progress in eradication and control of infestations.


 (Ord. 80-09 (part), 1980: Ord. 77-48 § 6, 1977.)