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Title: 7 - Health and Welfare

Chapter: 40 - Tansy Control

Section: 80 - EnforcementAdditional remedies

A.   Enforcement officers may utilize the pest abatement provisions of the California Food and Agricultural Code whenever or wherever a property owner refuses or neglects to control or eradicate flowering tansy within one hundred fifty feet of another person\'s property or when the citation procedure has not or will not obtain compliance within a period of time deemed necessary to prevent spread of tansy seed.

B.   Enforcement officers may cause the owner of any property to be billed for tansy control costs expended upon his property after notice as provided in Section 7.40.060 of this chapter.

C.   Enforcement officers may utilize the services of the small claims court or any other lawful collection means in collection of moneys due the county.


(Ord. 80-09 (part), 1980: Ord. 77-48 § 8, 1977.)